Helios Gallery

This newest project consisted of creating 2 websites: a portfolio website for the artist, and a second website for their second business of commercial horse transport.

Matching business cards and brochures were also designed in keeping with the website.

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St Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic

Website built on WordPress to provide additional functionality and networking for the client. Includes integration with MailChimp.

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Shoe Tree

Logo / application icon creation for Shoe Tree iOS app by Sean Cull / Green Parka.

This app is still in development but as soon as it is launched, I'll post the link here!

Coming Soon!

About Me. I code

I love clean code. I working with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and I really WordPress.

I strive to produce beautiful and functional sites that work in all browsers and mobile devices. I know that browsers have their limitations and quirks, and endeavor to produce a quality experience for users regardless of their choice in technology.

More content coming soon! It will impress you.

Be sure to check back; I'm going to be including detailed pages for my projects. In the meantime, please check out my portfolio for a snap shot of what I have been working on!

What others have said: Oh yeah!

"Oh Emma, You've got me in tears! I could never have imagined a site so gorgeous...even more than I could have hoped for. Girl, ya done good, so very good. I still can't catch my breath. Before it was...adequate....now....so warm and inviting that I actually want to go visit the place!"